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CC Tuesday, May 14

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Good morning!


Senior Practice for River in Judea

  • Friday, May 17th 7:00am
  • Wednesday, May 22 7:00am


Missed lessons (These must be made up by THURSDAY!!!!)

  • Emma Engeldinger
  • Eric Chambers
  • Max Barry
  • Daniel Soderlund
  • Kiley Madigan
  • Ben Richer 
  • Megan Roskom 



Section B m.18-20

  • Sopranos and Altos
  • Altos and Basses
  • Altos, Basses, and Sopranos
  • SATB

Section E

  • Play with tempo!


Shut de Do

  • One before C (sopranos) Mi Re Do! 
  • Dialect
    • Think "Sebastian" from The Little Mermaid
    • Bob Marley 
    • Devil = "Debble" 


River in Judea

  • Last Chorus



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