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Cantus Monday, March 4

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Good morning, Gentlemen!!!


Auditions for next year!



Solo Ensemble March 9

Say Dear WIll You Not Have Me

  • (1:30pm, Site 7)
  • Dress = shirt and tie! (pants too!) also shoes should be dress shoes and not athletic shoes.
  • Arrive at 12:45 and meet in the warm-up room.


Accompanist rehearsals:


Today Mr. Thompson is here!

Tomorrow is Mr. Pufall (Senior)

Wednesday is Mr. Pufall (Senior) and Mrs. Drumm

Thursday is Mrs. Drumm and Mr. Thompson 


Solo Ensemble Schedule:


Please plan work out your introduction for Monday!

  1. Your name, and school
  2. Title of your piece and the composer/arranger
  3. Name of your accompanist
  4. One unique/significant aspect of your piece


Musical Theater:

 This introduction should include:

performer name, accompanist name, name of school, title and composer of the selection to be performed. Instead of

describing a significant aspect of the piece, students will then set the scene by describing which character is singing the song,

why the character is singing the song, and to whom the song is being sung. Students may do this in character or as a narrative.

The introduction does not need to be memorized nor is it part of the overall rating.



Zinanshin and Devon rehearsal after school today!!!


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