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CC Wednesday, February 6

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Good Morning!


Stretch and Warm-up  



Phelps binder

  • Level 5 #23 and 31 (Kaylee Coel)


Il est bel et bon (Pufall)

  • For Friday, sing your part on solfege m.21-43
  • Look for imitations between genders
    • m.9-14
    • m.22-28
    • m.35-43 


Tritt auf den Riegel von der Tur 

  • For Friday, sing your part on solfege m.15-end


Solo Ensemble volunteer forms due on Friday, Feb. 8 


Choir Pictures are next Thursday, February 14

  • Bring your choir tux and dress to school that day (or the day before)
  • Guys-black tux shoes and BLACK SOCKS! 


Solo Ensemble Music

  • Zinanshin 



No Lessons this week, however stop down if you have any questions regarding your solo.

Solo Ensemble 

  • Registration fees due on Friday, February 8
  • Make checks out to Bay Port 
  • Music for ensembles will be coming this week. 
  • You must purchase your own solo! Please see the wiki for help. This will be your judge's copy! 


I do not have the following students' Solo and Ensemble Contracts:

  • Autumn Andres
  • Braden Andress
  • Sylvia Christensen
  • Mitch Devroy
  • Nick Dorsch
  • Breanna Grusnick
  • Jordan Hyland
  • Zinanshin Kaoher
  • Lilly Mann 
  • Jack Rymer 
  • Josh Vue
  • Austin Walls
  • Makayla Walsh 


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