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CC Tuesday, December 18

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Happy Tuesday!


Tuesday (F Day)

  • Kiley Madigan L8
  • Joe Maier L8
  • Helen Kaufman L10
  • MacKenzie Miller L10
  • Austin Walls 11
  • Helen Kaufman 11
  • Shayla Kaoher 12
  • Amanda Meo 10 
  • Brent Burnard after school 


Sight Reading

Bruce Phelps Level 4, #11, 12



Miss Bryan


Dorvan Dalai 

Pronunciation must be written in your music now!!!

Ladies speak m.19 and then guys speak at m.32.

Sing m.19 and m.32

Add accompaniment at m.19-44

Review Intro

For Friday: Review whole piece and learn the last nine bars!



For Friday: Perform your rhythms on page 10!

Rhythm 2(a) into 2(b) group 2 only (then tutti)

Rhythm 1(b) through 2(b)

Rhythm 1(a) through 2(b)

Eye of the storm to page 9


Tissue Box Contest!!!

  • The section who brings in the most boxes per person will receive a special treat from Pufall!!
  • Label each box with your section
  • Last day is January 5!


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