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Cantus Thursday, September 20

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Happy Homecoming Week!!


Shoes: AJ 


Tomorrow (Football Game)

Call time for Friday between 6:30 and 6:40

Enter at the north gate

Dress in School Colors (it will be chilly!)

Done by 7:05

You receive free admission to the game!


National Anthem

Rehearsal Tracks Here

  • Username:  menschoir
  • Password:  choir 




Progressive Sight-singer

  • Ladybug



Cantus Lesson Schedule S1.pdf

In your first lessons:

  • Sing and Record the National Anthem
  • Demonstrate your vocal range
  • Pitch and rhythm sight reading



Knee Deep

  • m.33-39 and m.41-47 Clap and Count!
  • Speak on the text 
  • E flat major scale on board (treble and bass clef)
  • Part 1
    • Follow treble clef m.33-36
    • Follow upper notes in bass clef last two notes in m.36-39
  • Part 2
    • Follow upper notes in bass clef m.33-36
    • Follow lower notes in bass clef last two notes in m.36-39 


Weekly Reflection

  • Take out a piece of looseleaf
  • Write your name on the top 
  • Answer the following:
    1. What have you learned in this class over the past two weeks?
    2. What questions do you have so far?


Two Truths and a Lie 

  • On a piece of looseleaf write the following:
    • Your name at the top
    • Two truths about yourself
    • One lie about yourself




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