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CC Thursday, May 31

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Turn in music!!!

  • See names on board!


Derek Olson, see me at end of hour! 


Sunday Commencement

  • Arrive and check in by 1:30pm. Parking will be crazy!
  • Non-seniors in tuxes and dresses.
  • We sing the National Anthem.
  • We sing Come So Far
  • You may stay or leave after we perform our second song. 


Senior Dresses are due on Wednesday, May 30

  • They must be cleaned/washed!
  • Non-clean dresses (odors, deodorant stains, etc) will be assessed a $10 fine!
  • Write your name on a piece of masking tape and attach it to your dress. 


Senior Tuxedos are due on Thursday, May 31!

They must be cleaned!!

  • Tuxedo pants, vest, and bow tie must be dry cleaned
    • Royal Cleaners (2407 Glendale Ave.) gives a discount when you mention you are member of the Bay Port Choir Program.
    • White tux shirt can be washed at home or dry cleaned. 
  • Bring in the receipt for the cleaning!
  • Non-cleaned tuxedos will be assessed a $10 cleaning fee.
  • Be sure your name is on the bag! If you lost your card, write your name on a piece of masking tape and attach it to your bag! 


All non-senior tuxedos and dresses are due Thursday, June 7!

  • They must be labeled with you name and cleaned or you will be assessed a $10 cleaning fee! 


Come So Far 

Sing in the Gym!!




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