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MC Wednesday, April 25

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  • Lips trills descending
  • Nee ah 1-3-54321
  • I Wander through the Lovely Woods...
  • Singing triads
  • Gassers 


Medieval Gloria

  • m.1-16 tenor line



  • Section D


Ticket to the Kingdom 

  • P.7-8



  • State S&E is less than two weeks away! All solos be "resurrecting" your song! you will be scheduled for one rehearsal with your accompanist next week! Be Prepared! All solos must be memorized! 
  • Please plan ahead and thank your accompanist (either with a card, small token of appreciation, or both)
  • Regular lessons will begin the week after State.


Summer Music Camp Opportunities.pdf


You may use Music Account money for this!

Seniors - any money left in your account after graduation will go into the general music parents account. You may transfer it to a younger sibling, but you must do it before graduation. Contact Beth Bretzman at ejbret@gmail.com to schedule a transfer.


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