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CC Tuesday, March 20

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Good Morning!! 


Have your cell phones for class today! Program the following numbers into your phones!!

Chaperone Contact

  • Mrs. Buttke = 920-544-6291
  • Mrs. Hess = 920-609-7865
  • Mrs. Pepin = 920-819-5475
  • Mr. Pufall = 920-634-1006

Also, you should have all of the numbers of your quad in your phone as well. 


Here are your chaperone assignments, roll call numbers, and quad phone numbers! Student Cell Phones (2).pdf


New York

Need copy of insurance card from:

  • Callie LeBrun 


So far the forecast appears to be Sunny and high temps around 60 degrees! Lows in the 40s. Plan accordingly! Rain?

Khaki/tan shorts okay on Thursday only (suppose to be very warm). No shorts at Broadway performances or at St. John the Divine. 


Be sure to check in with your teachers this week for work you will miss next week on our trip to New York.  


During Free Time in little Italy and Times Square

  • Stay on main streets. Do NOT go into allies or side streets.
  • Travel in groups of no less than four!
  • Do NOT stand around too long in one place, this is asking for trouble.
  • Be sure to plan timewise for walking back to our meeting places. BE ON TIME/EARLY!!!!!
  • Do not feel pressured to go into a store if you do not feel comfortable (Little Italy).
  • Do NOT tell anyone your name, what school you are with, what hotel you are staying in, etc. This is inviting potentially dangerous situations. 
  • Absolutely NO use of public transportation - subway, taxi, etc. Use your own two feet and our Coach bus!
  • Be smart and use common sense. Enjoy your time in New York! This is an incredible opportunity! 


Boundaries for free time in Little Italy

  • West=Centre St.
  • East=Bowery St.
  • North=Kenmare St.
  • South=Canal St.


Boundries for free time in Times Square

  • West=8th Ave
  • East=5th Ave
  • North=58th St.
  • South=40th St.

Most things you will want to see will be on Broadway and 5th Ave

It will take you a while to get around.

Traffic lights at every corner. 



  • You must be at school in the morning!
  • When you arrive to school, bring your things into the choir room and starting lining them up along the walls/ensemble room.
  • Students should be dismissed around 12:00. 
  • Students with a 10th hour lunch either bring a sack lunch or make arrangements with your teacher before lunch to eat during that class (lunch 8).
  • Remember, you are expected to be at school on Monday, March 26! This trip is NOT a valid reason for missing school on Monday.


Bus Seat Sign-up


See me: Allie Ruiz, Sierra Hammatt, Autumn Andres, Jaci Jepson


See Me: Callie, Allie, Chantelle, and Katie


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