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MC Wednesday, January 11

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We are in dire need of people to hand out the rosters for the play-off game this Sunday 1/15. They will pay $15 per person/slot filled. Kids can bring friends and family to help out too and they can get credit for their time too. Be in the "excitement atmosphere" at Lambeau Field. Earn money for the next music trip!!!


Kids should contact Phyllis Sprader at 609-1340 or stsprader@aol.com   People need to arrive by 12:30 and are done at game time -3:35pm.



Sight Reading

  • Level 2, #57


Following students need to schedule a make-up Quiz:

  • Tony, Jack R, Noah S, Zack


Solo and Ensemble Contracts past due!

  • Tony, Breyden, Bobby, John, Noah, Shamarr, Josh, Devon


Week 2 Lessons resume this week

Assessment include:

  1. sight reading (examples like level 3). 
  2. Rosalee page 9-end
  3. If measures 1-77

Tomorrow: John, Emmanuel, Chandler B, Jack R, Shamarr 

Friday: Zack, Max, Connor F, Sam


Heads Up - January Concert has been changed to Thursday, January 19 at 7:00pm.


Missing Choir Assignment Due December 13 and December 19

  • Tony F, Bobby K, John M,



Speak m.78-to end

Sing unison m.78-106

Parts m.107-end



Get into circles

Begin at p.9

  • Crescendo in m.72-75
  • Make m.83 different from m.76


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