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CC Thursday, December 8

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Good Morning!!


We are missing December Choir payments from:

  • Jake, Chantelle, Callie, Jaci, Logan, Henry, Becky, Alyssa Sty, Katie
  • Mail them to Mrs. Pepin ASAP 
  • The last $200 payment is due on January 1


Warm-ups (your choice)



  • Level 8, #47


Singers needed to sing the National Anthem at basketball games!

See Suzie Stevens in the Athletic office to sign up for a game!


National Anthem singers needed at the Battle of the Bay wrestling tournament this Saturday. Singers needed for 9:15am and also 5:30pm. Go see Mr. Shefchik or let me know.


Students needed on Saturday, December 17, to sort fundraising orders (7:20-8:50am) and/or to help bring orders out to the cars (8:45-10:45am). This may count towards YSL hours. Check with Mrs. Belden.  Call Shirley Destache at 434-8295 to sign up!



Sicut Cervus (10-15 minutes)

Break into sectionals like yesterday and practice each of the three sections of the song. Work for unified phrasing! Shape each phrase. Use the wiki rehearsal tracks to help if necessary.



Jamaican Market Place (10-15 minutes)

  • Break into sectionals  to review/learn section A, m.11-18
  • Review rhythm first and then pitches (use solfege). Be accurate! 
  • Then rehearse the the rhythm for the "Chorus" section B, m.19-28. 
  • Use the computer to log in and use the rehearsal tracks
  • User name=concertchoir     Password=choir 
    • Sopranos=choir room
    • Altos=choir small ensemble room
    • Tenors=practice room
    • Basses=practice room 



Be productive and have a great day! - Pufall

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