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CC Tuesday, November 29

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  • Level 5, #9 and 10


Free concert tickets!!!!!

  • One student and one adult
  • Green Bay Girl and Boy Choir Dec 4 and/or Dec. 11 
  • See Pufall if interested. Five available. First come, first served!


Honors Choir Audition Registration due Thursday!


December's $200 Choir Trip Payments Due Thursday 


Fund-raising orders due TODAY! I will still accept them Wednesday.


Cantate Domino

Review claps and counts p.3 and 4

Speak on the text (Latin)


Five Hebrew Love Songs

Rehearsal tracks now available for songs I, II, and III on the Wiki

Username: concertchoir

Password: choir  

    • Ladies - I (Breath marks for sopranos)
    • Guys p.8
    •  Altos p.10-11 practice leaps (please polish for Thursday)





Sicut Cervus

Rehearsal tracks are now available for sections B and C!

Assignment: Sing section B and C on Monday (correct phrasing)!

Sections B and C parts alone.

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