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MC Friday, September 30

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The following people do NOT have computer priviledges UNTIL you turn in your internet agreement form to the library: Brent B, Connor F, Cole S.

Turn it in ASAP. You will be using computers for your lessons after Homecoming.



Friday, October 7 = HOMECOMING

  • We sing the National Anthem
  • Meet at the North gate by 6:30pm!!
  • Wear school colors! 


Choir Make-up sheets for absences!

  • See side bar! Download and print. Complete and return to MC inbox!


Week 2 Lessons! You will record your range, sight-reading form levels 1 and 2, and sing the National Anthem.


Lessons today - Nathan Winter (7/8), Zach Wasielewski (L4), Max Barry (L6), Connor Fuglestad (L8), Sam Sorenson (L8)




  • Level 1, #31, 32
  • Level 2, #29, 30


Major Scale = WWHWWWH (Do-Do)

Minor Scale = WHWWHWW (La-La)

Sweet Caroline

  • Count and clap m.24-33 (small groups)
  • Pitches by parts



Seize the Day  

  • p.7, review all parts.
  • Transistion into p.7
  • Layer together

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