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Downloading Rehearsal Tracks

Page history last edited by Robbie Doelger 9 years, 1 month ago

All rehearsal tracks are located in Moodle (in the Choir Resource section). Students can either play the tracks on the computer or download the rehearsal tracks to a cd or mp3 player (this is the recommended method).  The Rehearsal Track link is found in the 'Choir Resource' section of Moodle (located immediately below the announcements).  All links are listed alphabetically so you will scroll down to the bottom of the list.  Below are step by step instructions for downloading rehearsal tracks from Moodle.

Downloading Instructions

  1. Open the Rehearsal Tracks & Music Resources Link
  2. Select the track you want to download and Right Click on the link.
  3. Select 'Save link as'
  4. Select the location you want to save the rehearsal track to and click 'save'

If you are going to download multiple tracks to a cd or your mp3 player I recommend that you first make a folder on your computer or flash drive and save all the rehearsal tracks to your 'choir music folder'. After you have saved all of your rehearsal tracks to the your folder you can easily burn your selections to a cd or transfer the music to your mp3 player.

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