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SA Duets

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SS, SA, AA Duets - Class A

Sixteen two-part songs

1.  I would that my love

2.  Farewell song of the birds of passage

3.  Greeting

4.  Autumn Song

5.  The Maybell and the Flowers




Laudamus Te


48 duets

Die Meere

Die Schwestern

Quando non ho piu core

Lost is my quiet


Anton Dvorak Strains from Moravia

Die Bescheidene

Der Ring

Grune, du Gras!

Der trost

Wilde rose


Henry Purcell Ten Duets Book One

1.  We the spirits of the air

2.  Two daughters of this aged stream are we

5.  Sound the trumpet


We wait for thy loving kindness, o God


A Dozen Duets Vol 1

Der Herr Segne Euch

Ave Maria (Saint-Seans)


Pie Jesu


SS, SA, AA Duets - Class B

Where are the angels?

They have no song

Danza, Danza, Fanciulla gentile

Let's imitate her notes above


She shall have music

Annie Laurie


Sixteen two-part songs

5.  O wert thou in the cauld blast

11.  How can I blithe and cheerful be

12.  Evening song

13.  I lean'd against the tow'ring mast


48 Duets

Sweet Nymph

Trip it in a ring

Sweet Power of Song


Where flowers were springing


J'entends Le Moulin

Sing a song of sixpence






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