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Choir Trip

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Les Miserables


2011-12 Choir Trip Letter v.2.pdf

Financial Agreement Les Mis 10-11.pdf

Student Account Withdrawal Form.pdf




Friday, February 11


7:30am:            Load Bus in front of Bay Port

7:45am:            Depart for Chicago

12:00pm:                       Lunch at Ed Debevics

1:15pm: Bus departs for the Cadillac Palace

2:00pm:            Les Miserables

5:15pm: Depart for Water Tower Place Mall

5:30pm:            Arrive at Water Tower Place Mall


6:30pm:            Depart for Bay Port

10:15pm:           Arrive at Bay Port




  1. Students are to dress comfortably but nicely.  Blue jeans, tennis shoes, sweatshirts, etc are not allowed.  We want to represent Bay Port in the best possible light.  Students will NOT be allowed to change into their ‘dress clothes’ on the bus.  Students should be dressed for the day when they arrive at Bay Port in the morning.
  2. Food and beverages are allowed on the bus providing all rules listed below are followed.
    1. All garbage must be properly disposed of
    2. All beverages must be in a bottle with a ‘screw on’ cap.  Insulated mugs, coffee cups, etc are not permissible as the caps and covers can not be completely secured.
  3. Students where choose their seats on the bus.  However, girls must sit by girls and boys must sit with boys.
  4. Students are expected to be respectful to one another, the directors, chaperones, and bus driver.
  5. Students will be prompt for all check-ins and departure times
  6. Cell phones are allowed on the trip.  However, cell phones (along with cameras, mp3 players and other recording devices) will not be allowed into the Cadillac Palace Theatre.  These items are to be left on the bus.  NO EXCPETIONS!
  7. Students are required to eat dinner while at the Water Tower Place Mall.  There will be no additional stops on the way home.  DINNER IS AT THE STUDENTS EXPENSE.  THIS WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE TRIP.
  8. Students will be allowed to bring G, PG, and PG-13 movies for viewing on the bus.  However, Mrs. Doelger & Mr. Pufall will decide which movies are watched.
  9. Students are expected to be in school all day on Thursday, February 17.  It is not ok for students participating in the trip to come to school late or miss school altogether because they are tired on Thursday.  If students are responsible enough to go on the trip then they must also be responsible enough to come to school the next day. 



If you need to reach your student during the trip you may call Mrs. Doelger’s cell phone @ 920-362-5293.  Please note, I will be unavailable during the performance of Les Miserables (approximately 2:00-5:15pm).

February 9, 2011

All permission slips are due back Friday, February 9.  Final itineraries will be handout on Monday, February 14.


December 10, 2010

Important Reminder!!  Final payments are due December 15 and should be mailed to Mrs. Andress.  If you can find her address on the Financial Agreement.  Chaperone payments ($80.00) are also due December 15.  Paperwork for students and chaperones will be dispersed in January.

November 22, 2010

We will be taking 50 students,  and 3 chaperones to Les Miserables in February.  A list of the first 50 students to sign-up and make deposits for the trip will be posted in the choir room this week.  Refunds for deposits made by all other students will be refunded next week.  Chaperones have not yet been decided.  Once we have selected chaperones, all applicants will be notified.  We hope to have chaperones selected early December at the latest.


November 5, 2010

We are very excited to announce that this February choir students will have the option of attending a performance of ‘Les Miserables’ in downtown Chicago at the Cadillac Palace.  We have reserved 50 student tickets.  The trip will be taking place on Wednesday, February 16.  We will be leaving at approximately 7:00am and returning around 9:00pm.  The cost of the trip is $125.  This cost includes the ticket to the show, transportation, and lunch at Ed  Debevic’s in Chicago.  We will stop for dinner after the show at the Watertower Mall on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  Please note dinner will be at the student’s own expense and is not included in the cost of the trip.   All financial details and deadlines associated with the cost of the trip can be found on the financial agreement.


Please keep in mind that in order to participate in school trips students must maintain academic eligibility and comply with Bay Port High School’s rules of conduct.  Students who do not meet these criteria will not be permitted to go on the trip.


If you have any further questions regarding the trip please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can be reached at…

Mrs. Doelger:    662-7287           robedoel@hssd.k12.wi.us

Mr. Pufall:        662-7288           michpufa@hssd.k12.wi.us 


One last note… We are in need of 3 chaperones for the trip.  Chaperone cost of trip is $80.00.  Please do not send money at this time.  Once we have chaperones selected we will collect payments.  If this is something you are interested in please include a letter of interest (including past chaperoning experiences and any special skills you might have [i.e. nurse, first aid, etc.]) and include the letter with your financial agreement form.  Please note, the district requires all chaperones to be members of the volunteer data base and have completed background checks.  If you have not been through this process we can not let you chaperone.  For more information on becoming a ‘certified’ chaperone please contact Anne Buttke at 662-8186 or annebutt@hssd.k12.wi.us and she can assist you with this process.


We are looking forward to this wonderful opportunity you and your student.  Again, Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or feedback! 


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