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Page history last edited by Robbie Doelger 10 years, 2 months ago

Below you will find several different warm-ups that you can use for a variety of different purposes.  Each warm-up contains a brief description of the various purposes of the warm-up.  A couple of things to remember....


  1. In order for the warm-ups to be applicable to everyone I needed to make them work for all voice types, sizes, and ranges.  If a warm-up goes higher or lower than you are comfortable singing you should drop out until the warm-up returns to a comfortable range for you again.
  2. If you are using warm-ups to help extend your voice you want to slightly push yourself to sing notes that are not comfortable.  If you feel tension or pain or are pushing too much and need to back off and not sing so high or low.
  3. Always focus on technique and the beauty of the tone, don't sacrifice beauty for range or volume.
  4. Sing the warm-ups on 'ah'.  You can use other vowels but make sure you mix them up.  The only vowel it is healthy to sing for extended periods of time is 'ah'.  Also, only use the 'pure vowels' (ah, eh, ee, oh, oo)



Warm-up+1.mp3 This warm-up is designed to help strenghthen and expand the upper register (head voice and/or falsetto) of your voice.
Warm-up+2.mp3 This warm-up is designed to help strenghthen and expand the lower register (chest voice) of your voice.
Warm-up+3.mp3 This warm-up is designed to help singers learn how to 'bring down' their head voice or falsetto.  It can also be sued to strengthen your head voice. 
Warm-up+4.mp3 This is a general warm-up that is intended to warm-up your entire range.   It can also be used to strengthen and expand your range as well. 
This warm-up is designed to help merge the head and chest voice.   It can also be used for those singer who need to learn how to blend (or bring up) their chest voice with their head voice. 
Warm-up+6.mp3 This warm-up is designed to encourage flexibility, promote better control over the instrument, and/or encourage the use of vibrato. 


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